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I believe self empowerment is rooted in cultivating strong internal resources that the body can call upon to heal, grow, and flourish.

My awareness of the mind-body connection has taken shape over the past 19 years through my personal training career, education in public health & psychology, athletic background, personal growth, and curiosity for biomechanics.


My passion for wellness has largely been driven from my own physical struggles and the internal desire to find the root cause and heal. As a result I am a student of life and have studied under incredible therapist, healers, teachers, and mentors that have enhanced my practice. I have helped an array of clients from post surgery, postural rehab, strength gains, fat loss, athletes, and pre/post natal mommas.


Together we will begin through a multifaceted assessment that reviews your posture, movement, nutrition, internal motivation, and goals. Then I will design a safe, smart, and personalized program to guide you to achieving your goals. I am enthusiastic about helping clients thrive and would be delighted to work with you.


BS in Public Health + Health Education 

AA in Psychology

CHEK Practitioner 

CHEK Holistic Life Coach

P-DTR Practitioner

KILO Strength Society 

Reiki Practitioner

Pre/Post Natal 

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